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Myself Jurgita Gvazdauskiene
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My dream job :)


 Hello my Friends & hopefully the potential clients :) My name is Jurgita. Thank you for nosying around :) is my website and online shop...meant to be created aaaages ago for everyone to show my craziness and those short evenings to knit all the ideas in my head :)
I started knitting as far as I remember myself... I think since I could hold needles in my hands :))
I love trying something new...and now most of my projects are for kids..they just become soooo cute every time...I can't stop :)   same for adults, just takes a bit longer to wait for a result (Still loving it :)) This is why I started my friendship with knitting machine.... faster results but still same much filled with love <3

If I need to refresh my head I take crochet hook and make something nice for home - these rope baskets are my LOVE!

I get too obsesed sometimes and keep making same stuff over and over - if it gives me satisfaction (it's illness, ha ha!) SO! - if you fancy anything - let me know and I'll be happy to make it for you - any ideas are WELCOME!

All of you are different and I don't want any of yous to wear or decorate your home the same, so I'd make every item just-for-you...unique and Full-Of-Love!!! ♥ 


My team is only myself at the moment, but if you have a hobby you love and fancy to join me and make something bigger - please get in touch, I'm open for any business ideas! I always support small businesses myself and if I can I'd always buy something from a crafter rather that a big brand!

Saving our Mother Earth too!


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