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Incense has been used in many cultures and traditions for centuries. The word incense comes from the Latin word 'incendere', which means 'to burn' and this describes exactly what incense does. Incense is typically made from different woods, powders and fragrances and can be formed into sticks, cones or other shapes to form incense. The way incense is made often depends on where it originates from – for example, Indian incense is normally made with a stick in its centre core, whereas solid incense is favoured in Japan. 

Incense has a number of uses. It can be burned in spiritual and religious settings as part of meditation practice or special ceremonies. The smoke produced has a spiritual connection, as it floats to the heavens, and the scent can evoke a range of feelings, thoughts and emotions. Incense is as popular at home or in an office as it is in a sacred space, as it can provide a valuable sense of tranquility, aroma and energy refresh.

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